2019 HMI and Future Upgrades

There is nothing more exciting for us than diving head first into new things. We are actively working on the latest 2019/2020 generation of HMI and instrument clusters to be able to provide retro kits into older models and upgrades for lower spec vehicles.

Some of the upgrade options that we are working on currently:

  • • HMI 2.5 to 3.0 Kits
  • • HMI 3.0 Camera upgrades
  • • HMI 3.0 Video in Motion (VIM)
  • • Denali Cluster upgrade
  • • 360 Camera retro fits
  • • Heaps more!

One of the more exciting possibilities which is on our wish list is to be able to design and install custom applications, this could include programs like dash command command and torque, or even completely custom ones.

Its very much a buzzing atmosphere at Coastal Flash as we are pushing to develop new upgrades never seen before!

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