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Global A Body Control Module Development

The Body Control Module (BCM) controls a huge number of components in every car which includes interior and exterior lights, locking systems, remote start, remote entry, DRL, MRC, TPMS, heated seats and paddle shift to just name a few. They

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2019 HMI and Future Upgrades

There is nothing more exciting for us than diving head first into new things. We are actively working on the latest 2019/2020 generation of HMI and instrument clusters to be able to provide retro kits into older models and upgrades

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Denali Cluster Upgrade

Denali Cluster upgrades are now available! We are providing fully programmed Denali clusters and also Denali cluster programming services. These are a 100% plug and play upgrade with our unique custom programming which security links the unit to the car,

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Rear Camera in Motion

Want to check on your trailer while driving? Then we have the solution for you! Rear Camera in Motion (RCIM) is one of our new custom programming options for all vehicles fitted with a HMI 2.5 and reverse camera. Our

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HMI Video in Motion

Another bites the dust! Only days after releasing custom logos, we have full video in motion for all vehicles fitted with HMI 2.5 modules. This allows any video to play while driving by unlocking the normal lockout screens. This is

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HMI Custom Boot logo and Animation

Yes you heard right, true custom boot logos and animations. We are the only company (on the planet!) providing this service, and are already excited to begin tailor designing custom logos for everyones pride and joy. We can either have

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Pontiac G8 Development

The Pontiac G8 (Holden VE Commodore Export) is still my all time favourite vehicle to have worked with and reverse engineered. There are just so many different upgrades and abilities locked away in these cars which we are extremely exited

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We Welcome Any and All Questions

Got a question? GREAT! We are happy to answer any and all questions. If there is one thing we pride ourselves on, is being more than willing to answer any questions you have about products, services or even just to

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Become a Tester and get FREE Upgrades!

Who doesn’t like free stuff?!?! Cause come on, its free! Since we are developing so many kits, upgrades and programming services, sometimes we don’t get the free time to test every last feature for long periods of time or make

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