Denali Cluster Upgrade

Denali Cluster upgrades are now available! We are providing fully programmed Denali clusters and also Denali cluster programming services. These are a 100% plug and play upgrade with our unique custom programming which security links the unit to the car, automatically updates odometer to match vehicle and unlocks all the hidden features and abilities these clusters have to offer.

The Denali cluster upgrade has been something we have been sitting on for a while, thoroughly testing every single option to unlock all of its capabilities for our customers.

Chads first comments when fitting to his truck when testing was:

This is one of the best upgrades I have done to my truck, the huge Denali screen looks WAY better than the factory cluster!

And after seeing before and after photos, you can completely understand the transformation it makes to a driving experience. Below is a demonstration video in Chads truck:

So first off, we don’t recommend plugging in any module (Not just clusters) which are not specifically programmed to your car, since it can cause warnings, errors and potentially result in vehicle damage.

But we like to test things to the limits, and also like to think we are the automotive myth busters *Sound the trumpets* and will test any ‘flaky’ theories we see on the web. One of my favorites myths (Or maybe just outright lie) was “Plugging in the cluster without reprogramming can damage it”. So what did we do.. we plugged it in without programming! The cluster did display warnings such as service front camera and also the odometer was blank, but it didn’t burst into flames or fail as basically implied by some people. (We kept photos of forum posts incase they magically disappear!)

Comments like these tend to be aimed at scaring people into using services without questions, but we are all about providing real facts and honesty.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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