Pontiac G8 Development

The Pontiac G8 (Holden VE Commodore Export) is still my all time favourite vehicle to have worked with and reverse engineered. There are just so many different upgrades and abilities locked away in these cars which we are extremely exited to release.

These upgrades also apply to the Chevrolet PPV 2007 to 2011 models, although we will have a dedicated post about those vehicles also.

Just some of these upgrades and services include:

  • • Series 1 Radio VIN Security Linking
  • • Series1 Radio Chev/Holden/HSV logo
  • • Series 1 Radio Red/Blue theme change
  • • Series 1 Video In Motion (VIM)
  • • Series 1 Custom boot logo
  • • Series 2 IQ Touchscreen Radio Upgrade kits
  • • Series 2 IQ Radio VIN Security Linking
  • • Series 2 IQ Radio Chev, Holden and HSV logo
  • • Series2 IQ Radio Blue to Red theme
  • • Series 2 IQ Radio Reverse Camera kit
  • • Series 2 IQ Rear Sear Entertainment (RSE)
  • • Series2 IQ Factory Navigation
  • • Series 2 IQ Video in Motion (VIM)
  • • Series 2 IQ HSV Enhanced Driver Interface (EDI)
  • • HSV Triple Pod Binnacle Gauges kit
  • • SIC Dual to Triple gauge enable
  • • Instrument cluster replacements and upgrades
  • • BCM Programming including Remote Start Enable
  • • Pontiac to Holden Conversions
  • • Replacement Body Control Module (BCM) and Programming
  • • Auto to Manual Conversion Programming

And there is still more! Its quite amazing the number of options we have for these cars.

We are also looking into stocking parts for Pontiac to Holden conversions which we shall begin listing soon, if theres something specific you are chasing, do get in contact with us!

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