GM Factory Navigation Upgrade


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Upgrade your ride with Coastal Flash’s GM Factory Navigation Upgrade.


The GM Factory Navigation Upgrade will allow your current non-nav (IO5) HMI to be replaced by a pre-programmed nav (IO6) HMI.


This will allow a vehicle that came without the factory navigation option to have the factory GM GPS navigation

package retrofitted into their current vehicle.


This is not a Carplay/Android Auto upgrade, it is solely for adding GM Navigation to your non-navigation vehicle. To add Carplay/Android Auto please find our upgrade kit HERE.


This modification is applicable to any gm vehicle that currently has an 8inch screen.


Model years 2014-2015 have 2.0 HMIs.

Model years 2016-2018 have 2.5 HMIs.


If you have a 2.5 HMI you will retain your Carplay/Android Auto functionality.

If you have a 2.0 HMI this will just add GPS Navigation to your vehicle.


Please note, you will either need to run an external antenna or tap into your current OnStar GPS antenna to run a GPS line for the new HMI.


A core charge discount is available if you’d like to send us your old HMI in exchange for a reduced price.


If you have any questions please contact us prior to ordering.

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