Stop Ruining Your USB Ports! A Gentleman’s Guide to Using Tweezers

Picture this, you just ordered your new Carplay/Android Auto kit and you’re super excited to install it. So much so that you yank, and pull and… snap the USB port right out of the center console, burying the USB cable inside and adding some serious frustration time to you fishing it out.

Here’s a neat guide on how to easily and effectively remove your old USB port and replace it with the new one.

First, Purchase a pair of ESD tweezers from Amazon. They can be found for $7-$10.
The particular pair you’ll want to be using are the rounded tip ESD-13’s.

Following the photos, simply bend each tip of the tweezer about 45 degrees to for an open-bottomed triangle looking tool.

Then simply place the tool in the 2 small slits of the old USB port, press with some force to release the clips and the port should slide right on out, keeping your cables intact. See attached photos for reference!

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